About me

Martin Smith is a Human Resources professional. He is a management and organization development expert who concentrates on personnel problems and in management development to produce forward thinking work environments. Martin is also a professional facilitator, speaker, trainer, and author.

Martin contributes routinely to expert publications including a book chapter for his local HR round table meeting. This Website is suggested as a resource by lots of universities.


Martin has worked several years in HR. Since 1987, Martin has actually managed his own consulting company: he has sought advice from over 100 customers and assisted in over 2,000 training and planning sessions.

Martin has worked as an HR director, a training manager, an organization development consultant, and a neighborhood college extension head. Presently, as a business owner, board member, and HR consultant, Martin deals with many UK corporations and other clients.

Martin has actually been quoted in more than 200 print and online publications including HRMatters.com, Human Resource Executive, Yahoo Careers and Education, and in connected press (AP) articles.


Martin Smith makes every effort to provide precise, common-sense, reliable Human Resources management, company, and work environment recommendations both on this internet site, and connected to from this web site, however he is not a solicitor or lawyer, and the material on the website, while definitive, is not ensured for precision and validity, and is not to be interpreted as legal advice.

The site has a world-wide audience and employment laws and policies vary from state to state and nation to country, so the site can not be definitive on all them for your office. When in doubt, constantly look for legal counsel or assistance from State, Federal, or International governmental resources, to make sure your legal interpretation and choices are correct. The information on this website is for assistance, concepts, and help just.